The intent of this web site is to communicate the 7 benefits that landscape architecture provides to the public welfare as defined by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) in its report “Landscape Architecture and Public Welfare.”  The web design and all content was created by a group of 19 students enrolled in a mid-level landscape architecture studio. The web site was entered in the 2015 Wayne Grace Memorial Student Competition, sponsored by the Landscape Architectural Registration Boards Foundation.

The web site content is organized around the 7 CLARB benefits, and each benefit is communicated in three ways. In order to appeal to a general audience, each benefit is first explained with a video, video game, or smartphone app. The second component is a welfare impact report, which summarizes the benefit and provides some precedent projects. The final component is a site design application, in which students developed a plan focusing specific aspects of the benefit. By using three forms of communication — video or interactive media, informative report, and example of application through design — we aspire to engage a broad audience and communicate how landscape architecture benefits the public welfare.

Note: In order to protect the anonymity of the competition entry, some of the videos have been modified to remove references to the students and/or university. If a video begins or ends abruptly, it is a temporary condition, and upon completion of the competition, the videos will be restored in their entirety.